What To Expect: Design Studio

Keller Homes opened its first Design Studio in 1994. At the time, it was the first in Colorado Springs and one of very few in the nation. Since then, the Design Studio has grown in every way - we offer thousands of finishes to choose from, a trained staff of design pros, and a beautiful space in which to make your selections.

We understand that this myriad of options can feel intimidating at first. However, the path to personalizing your home is fun and easy, thanks to our team of designers. We sat down with Candace Ohlsen, Design Studio Director, to get the scoop on how the process works and what you can expect.

What is the role of the designeR?  

“We help the buyer navigate entire selection process,” Candace shared. “In addition to educating homebuyers on the latest products and trends, we help homebuyers visualize their selections.” Our design team helps each homebuyer make selections that are not only beautiful and cohesive, but that align with each homebuyer’s lifestyle and preferences, as well.

What options are available at the Design Studio? 

The Design Studio offers finish options for nearly everything you can imagine. From appliances and cabinets, plumbing fixtures and paint color, tile and carpet to lighting and exterior stone, Candace said, “this list can go on forever!”

Design Studio.jpg

How long are the appointments and how many will I have? 

“On average, most buyers meet at the Design Studio three times. Most appointments last 2-3 hours, unless the homebuyer is from out of town and we need to get everything selected in one appointment,” Candace shared. Meetings with our trade partners (electrical, low voltage and lighting) typically last about an hour.

Who should attend appointments?

Candace recommends “all parties named on the contract be part of the selection process.” Keep in mind that too many opinions (or distractions) can over-complicate the process, however. She suggests bringing extended family, friends and kiddos to see your selections once they’ve been finalized.

What if I don't know what my style is?  How can i prepare for my appointment?

“I love seeing photos from homebuyers’ existing homes - it gives me a sense of the their style and what we are working with. It’s our job to get to know our homebuyers and discover what they really want with regard to style and budget,” Candace commented. “We recommend homebuyers bring photos from Houzz, Pinterest or other resources - anything that inspires you.”

Questions about the Design Studio or process? Want to schedule a Design Studio preview? Contact us.