2019 Interior Design Trends

New year, new trends! We’ve scoured the internet for the best of the best and compiled a few of our favorites for you. Themes of minimalism and maximalism coexist this year, as do bold and soft colors. We love the push for thoughtful design, with sustainability and function playing a big role in 2019. Just remember: regardless of what’s en vogue, the best designed spaces are ones that reflect your own style. (Besides, before you know it, it’ll be 2020 and everything will have changed again!) Happy designing!

Function & SustainAbility

Say goodbye to layering for the sake of layering. Today’s spaces put a stronger emphasis on function - every piece should have a meaning or purpose. (Just keep in mind that purpose is fluid and an item’s purpose could be simply to make you smile!) We’ll also continue to see a push this year for items that are thoughtfully constructed, with sustainable resources, in fair-trade environments.

Statement Art

2019 is the year of “go big or go home.” If you’re adorning a wall, adorn the whole thing. Try a gallery wall that spans corner to corner if you have multiple smaller pieces or one oversized piece for a big punch. The only rule with art: there are no rules. Go for pieces that speak to you.

Bold Colors

Building on momentum from 2018, you’ll see more and more color this year. Jewel tones are in - blues, greens and purples - as are poppy tones that feel right at home in Mid-Century Modern spaces. Expect to see lots of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral, too. Don’t be afraid to go for unique combinations and mix it up.

Feminine Themes

Chintz is in. Wallpaper continues to make a comeback this year, with floral patterns leading the charge. Blush-toned fabric (velvet, in particular) and bronzed metals are a favorite combination for any room in the home.

Light Woods

One of our favorite trends (look no further than our model homes to see this trend in action) is light hardwood floors. Ash and blonde tones make spaces feel even larger than they are… and they’re easy peasy to maintain. We’re also enjoying the trend toward light colored cabinetry in maple and oak varieties.