Our 35th Anniversary


In 1983, the year Keller Homes was founded, Ronald Reagan was president, the best selling car was the Oldsmobile Supreme, and Terms of Endearment won the Academy Award for Best Picture.  Needless to say, a few things have changed in the past 35 years.  We may not be building the same homes we did back then, but we are still guided by the same principles.  Our commitment to quality, affinity for top-notch customer service, and passion for progress are as strong as ever.

To celebrate our anniversary, we asked a diverse selection of our team members to share their favorite memories, milestones, and hopes for the future.  Here's what they said. 



What thoughts come to mind when you consider Keller Homes' 35th Anniversary?

"It is wonderful to be a part of a team that is always reaching, improving, considering. I love that we are never still."  - Sharon Curdy, Director of Sales & Marketing, 13 Years

"What an amazing accomplishment!  To think this company started in 1983 and continues to push the envelope in design, value, and quality….very honored and blessed to be part of this." - Eric Hunter, Director of Operations, 16 Years

"What a great ride this has been.  Dave and Pam run a top notch company and I could not think of being anywhere else.  I cannot believe I have had the opportunity to have such a long tenure here." - Carl Schmidt, Construction Superintendent, 22 Years

"There is definitely a reason for [our] 35 years.  Quality homes, quality people." - Hailee Sullivan, Operations Administrator, 2 Years

"The 35th Anniversary is a milestone for home builders. Surviving market volatility, inflation costs, establishing and maintaining a skilled labor source and evolving customer expectations makes this accomplishment even more special.  Keller’s fundamental mission to deliver an exceptional home ownership experience by building homes and communities of outstanding quality, innovation and design is the core to making this achievement possible." - John MacFarlane, Customer Service & Warranty Manager, 1 Year


What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

"The satisfaction of actually seeing the product built that you helped create.  And being proud of that product.  Keller has such a great reputation in our community and it always feels good to say I work at Keller Homes.  Other home builders and contractors “look up” to us.  We also have a lot of freedom within our positions.  If we want to implement something and it makes sense – then we can go right ahead and make that happen." - Eric

"Not to sound cliché, but definitely the people I work with.  They have not only given me one of the best educations I could ask for, they have shown me something that I genuinely love, and given me the confidence to continue pursuing this career path." - Hailee

"I enjoy problem solving with the trades and know[ing] that I did not complete this task on my own.  I have a great working relationship with all of them and know this is one of many reasons that I am successful in what I do on a daily basis." - Carl



How would you describe the culture and community of Keller Homes?

"We are a family. We encourage one another to be the best we can be, to feel good about the work we do and to develop our full potential. We work hard, but have a lot of fun together as well.  I see small acts of kindness when you least expect it.  It reaffirms I am in the right place." - Sharon

"Keller’s hiring process for new employees and existing employees seeking promotion is rigorous. The success of our company is based on the professional contributions and quality of our employees. We hire and retain the best talent available at all times. Everyday, I work with tenured professionals that are highly regarded both inside and outside the industry. Keller’s employees are held to a high standard and are frequently called upon to share in decision making responsibilities." - John

"After over seventeen years at Keller Homes, I remain somewhat mystified by how our culture works. Saying that we are deeply committed to teamwork, or that we have a “family vibe,” is true but not sufficient to describe what makes this company special. Likewise, observing that each Keller Homes employee is treated respectfully, and is expected to treat his or her colleagues similarly, merely scratches the surface of what makes our organization tick." - Charles Manly, Purchasing Manager, 17 Years


Have you had a favorite HOMEbuyer?

"Not really a favorite, but numerous opportunities to work with others in our industry - Realtors, other Builders. It gives me great satisfaction to know they have enough confidence in our homes to make one of our homes and neighborhoods their own."  - Sharon


How have you seen Keller Homes and the industry evolve during your tenure?

"I am most impressed [by] how our homes perform and how they have become more energy efficient.  I love my home and it’s location, but that is the one thing that would drive me to purchase a new home.  Our home performance is stellar." - Carl

"Keller Homes continues to be on the leading edge of design, technology, product offerings and process.  I believe we achieve this success because of the partnerships we have other professionals in the industry and because we have built a team that will not settle for anything less." -  Sharon

"When I came on board in the early 2000’s, KHI was in a major growth pattern and the industry was hopping!  The recession following that boom was a very difficult time, but I feel it taught us how to do more with less.  The KHI employees became a lot more flexible and wore multiple hats.  More well rounded.   This also allowed us to focus on what buyers really wanted.  We are taking that knowledge and applying it now in this next strong building cycle." - Eric


Has there been a particular milestone or event during your tenure at Keller Homes that you are proud of?

"La Bellezza, it was a labor of love.  These projects started in 2004 and 2005 respectively and recently completed both projects at the end of 2017.  13 years in the making.  It is still the most unique neighborhood and lifestyle in Colorado Springs.  Something to celebrate indeed!"  - Carl

"We decided around 2002 to make the behind-the-walls performance of Keller Homes a major point of emphasis. In retrospect, this seems like an obvious move for a quality-oriented builder like us, but Keller Homes was alone among local builders of that era in prioritizing things that the customer could not see. The mantra of high-performance builders everywhere includes the words “comfort, efficiency and durability.” In our case, this includes the durability of an idea: that what you can’t see matters, and that one’s character, as an individual or a company, is revealed in the things you do that no one else sees."  - Charles


What excites you about Keller Homes' future?

"I believe in the new architecture, home design and lifestyle opportunities we are providing to homebuyers in Colorado Springs. We have a reputation for being in the right locations, with homes that offer the best value and benefit to families. They count on us to study, analyze, design and build a home they can depend on. I am excited we continue to deliver and delight." - Sharon

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