Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary


We often refer to the Keller Homes team as a family and there’s a good reason why this word is such a core part of our company culture: ours is, indeed, a family business. Dave Keller founded the company in 1983 and Pam joined him soon after. Together, they have lead a team that has built homes in over 40 neighborhoods across the city, received countless local and national awards, and weathered many market changes. Their humble and inclusive leadership makes us all feel like family.

To wind up our celebratory series of 35th Anniversary blog posts, we chatted with Dave and Pam about some favorite memories and what’s on deck for the future. Here’s what they had to say.

In 35 years, the market has ebbed and flowed many times, what is the secret to your success?

Patience, endurance and friendly tenacity.

Can you share a few pivotal points in the company’s journey?

There have been so many – we’ve learned so much along the way and have continued to evolve our processes to best serve our homebuyers, team and partners. Our scientific approach to building, proactive approach to quality assurance, and team approach to sales have all helped us build our reputation as a leader in customer service and quality. We were also the first builder in the region to have our own Design Studio, which - even after many iterations - continues to add incredible value to our homebuyers’ experience.

A highlight for so many of us was building a home for the Barrett Family on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in less than a week’s time! It is something our team and partners should be very proud of.

Where and to whom do you look for inspiration?

First, our homebuyers. They are the best source of information about how our homes “live,” what design options they like most, etc. We also look to our trade partners for the latest and greatest in products - from tile to ductwork.

For trends, we keep a pulse on both coasts. In Colorado, our trends tend to come from the West, which has been a driving factor in our work with consultants and experts in California. They are typically a few years ahead of us, which helps us stay on the leading edge. With that said, Colorado is really coming into its own now and may just be creating some of the trends!

How have technological and industry advancements shaped your business?

Although our industry has been a bit slow in this area, we have always been early adopters of technology, including our builder management software over two decades ago, which - to this day - helps keep every home on schedule and budget. It’s funny to think back on how far technology has come. Dave’s first computer was a Compac that he carried it in a suitcase to and from work everyday!

I also remember Dave telling me that how essential email would become and I resisted, thinking it would be the end of communication on a face-to-face level. It wasn’t long before we were all hooked! Of course, now we use technology in every aspect of our business - from the touch screens in our sales offices to using Face Time to communicate with out-of-town homebuyers.

What home trends have been your favorites?

Every “trend” has been fun and interesting… seeing high-end trends and products become more accessible is exciting. For example, “touch” faucets and smart home features. These “little” things have a big impact on the way our homebuyers enjoy their homes.

Any that you are glad have gone away?

Bi- and tri-level homes.

How do you see homebuilding evolving in the future? How will it change / stay the same?

There is an ever-increasing push for thoughtful floor plans to suit today’s buyers’ needs and technological advancements to propel construction efficiency. Homebuyers are really driving trends since they have access to so much information. It’s also easier than ever (and will continue to be) to work with homebuyers from all over the world. We can facilitate everything from the contract to the Design Studio selections remotely.

You are always looking for the next best thing. Anything exciting in the works that you can tell us about?

We like being an innovator and trend setter on all fronts. It might be a seemingly small thing, like offering black windows in a production home. On a larger scale, we’re always looking for the next great community to build in and digging in to find our competitive edge in a new location. Today, we’re working hard to accommodate the Baby Boomer generation and those that are planning for the next chapter. It’s an exciting time for our company and the whole industry.

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