Coming Soon: All New Design Studio

Keller Homes’ award-winning Design Studio is one of the most extensive in the region, offering thousands of design features to choose from and a professional design team that make the process fun and easy for homebuyers. The space has facilitated countless preview and selection appointments, team meetings and celebrations over the years and now, it’s getting a complete makeover!

Our first Design Studio opened in 1994 - it was ahead of its time, but we’ve certainly learned a few things since then, too. We called upon our nearly 25 years of Design Studio experience when we started designing the new space, taking into consideration everything from functional needs to aesthetic wants. We also spent ample time getting creative - tapping into our vendor sources, Pinterest and more - to ensure our new space is one where our homebuyers feel comfortable, welcome and inspired.

The new space will feel fresh, airy, and bright, donned with hardwood floors and sleek white cabinetry. We have all-new storage solutions for our extensive inventory of samples, unique displays for plumbing and lighting fixtures, and high-tech workstations for homebuyer appointments. It will be the perfect place for our homebuyers to shop the latest and greatest design features for their new homes.

We pride ourselves on offering a stellar customer experience for our homebuyers, with the end result being a beautiful home that is uniquely yours. The Design Studio is just one (albeit a special one) part of that process. We look forward to sharing the new space with you soon!