How to: Choose the Right Homesite

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Once you've chosen the perfect community (here's how), the next tough question arises: which homesite best fits your needs?  Selecting the right homesite when there are a multitude of options and many factors to consider can be overwhelming.  Here are key livability factors for the most common homesite scenarios and tradeoffs for each.  Keeping these in mind while you navigate the process will ensure you find the right homesite for you.

Cul de Sacs

Families with children often gravitate towards homesites on cul de sacs to reduce exposure to street traffic and enjoy large, wedge-shaped backyards.  Depending on your situation, however, you may prefer a smaller yard and being closer to main thoroughfares.


Homesites at the intersection of two streets typically boast large yards and unobstructed views.  However, they may also be subject to more traffic and the additional upkeep (landscaping, mowing, snow removal) a larger homesite requires.


Homesites that face oncoming traffic at the end of a street will be subjected to oncoming headlights from traffic at night.  If living and sleeping spaces within the home are planned for accordingly to minimize this, however, homeowners may enjoy the easy accessibility these homesites have from main thoroughfares.


Homesites with significant grade may allow for a garden level or walkout basement.  The benefits of a these homesites may include increased natural light in the lower level, easy accessibility to the backyard from the basement, and even views over the homesites (or open space) that sit lower in elevation to the rear.  On the other hand, the sloped grade may pose a challenge for lawn care, require a deck (as well as its associated maintenance) and increased security precautions.


This consideration is especially relevant in Colorado since we experience all four seasons.  Homes with southern exposure will reap the benefit of the sun in the winter to melt snow; however, that same exposure may be exceedingly warm in the summer.  Eastern exposure will enjoy morning sun; western exposure, afternoon.  These considerations are important for gardening and landscaping plans, too.