How To: Choose the Right Community

We've all heard the term, "location, location, location" and when it comes to home buying, it couldn't be more true!  Choosing the right location and community will ensure you enjoy more than just being home but the daily to-and-from, too.  Here are five things to consider when choosing your new community.

Copyright Keller Homes Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes Inc.


We see it all the time as our communities are in sought-after school districts - gaining access to a good education is a common reason families move.  And even if you don't have school-age children, it's important to know a school district's reputation for resale purposes.  To learn more about how your school ranks in Colorado, visit Colorado School Grades.


Whether you love time in the car or loathe it, it's important find a community that matches your commute personality.  Consider access to thoroughfares, map and time your commute using Google maps (it'll let you select a theoretical departure time), and test the route once or twice to ensure you know what you're getting into.

Copyright Keller Homes

Copyright Keller Homes


Research (or talk to your salesperson) to learn of existing and planned amenities like pools, fitness facilities, gathering spaces, parks and trails in your community.  If they're something you'll use and enjoy, then they'll likely be a good perk and a great way to meet neighbors.  Be sure to look into the cost to participate and whether it is optional (just in case your boss doesn't think it's a great idea for you to work poolside all summer).


Is your community close to your favorite take-out and dine-in restaurants?  How about the place you shop for groceries and household items?  Many of our homeowners enjoy the proximity our communities have to places they already frequent so they can spend more time with family and less on the road.


While you may not want to live right next to either, it's convenient to be within a short drive to both.  Our communities boast easy access to thoroughfares that link them quickly to Colorado Springs Airport and a number of our city's newest medical facilities.  It's a consideration you may not think about every day, but when you do, it's nice to know they're close.