How to: Refine Your Interior Design Style

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Starting the design process - whether you're doing a bathroom or a whole home - can feel totally overwhelming.  Especially if you aren't quite sure what you want the space to look and feel like.  It may take a little time and thought, but it's not difficult to decide what your style is and how to execute it.  These four steps will help you do just that - and end up with a space in which you really feel at home!



Start by gathering photos of spaces you love on Pinterest and Houzz.  We find it is most helpful to create a "board" or "ideabook" for each room that we're working on.  For example, one for "master bathroom" and another for "entryway," so you can keep things organized as the number of photos saved increases.  Don't worry if the photos you're saving don't feel cohesive yet - the more you look, save and review, the easier it will be to spot the common threads.



Next, take some time to review all the images you've saved and look for themes and common threads.  You may ask yourself these questions:  are all the rooms modern, traditional, rustic or eclectic?  Do they have lots of color, err on the neutral side, or boast a combination - pops of color on a neutral background?  Is the feel of the space casual or formal?  Do you see more patterns or solid fabrics?  Are the window coverings elaborate or simple?  What about the rugs?  Taking time to analyze the photos you've saved will help you delve deeper into what exactly it is that you like about them.

Is there one photo in particular - regardless of which room it is - that you really love?  In other words, is there a photo of a room that you could move into tomorrow and not want to change a thing?  If so, make a note or two to specify what it is that you like about it so much.  Put this photo at the forefront of your mind for the next step.  If not, don't worry.  You'll use the broader collection of images you've compiled to guide you instead.  



Using either your "favorite photo" or the gallery you've compiled, as well as your notes, begin to remove the images that don't fit in.  For each photo, ask yourself: "Does this exhibit the themes I relate to and love?"  If there is something that you love about a photo, but it doesn't quite fit in, make a note of what it is that you're drawn to about it... and then delete it. 

Note: it's not uncommon to relate to what seems like a disconnected variety of styles; in reality, we're drawn to design that is executed well.  It's hard not to appreciate a perfectly styled modern loft in Manhattan... or a rustic Montana lodge.  Ultimately, however, your "real life" style may not be either!



 What's left of your image galleries will now serve as your guide.  You can use them while working with a designer (our Design Team loves to build on inspiration) or on your own as you navigate each design decision.  Don't hesitate to "copy" the look and feel of a space; having an inspiration photo will provide reassurance each step of the way that you'll like the end result.  And every time you're considering a purchase - no matter how large or small - for your home, consider how the piece would look in the room that you're inspired by.  If it doesn't fit, keep searching!


Have fun and good luck!