Modern Farmhouse Style

If a welcoming, classic-but-not-stuffy aesthetic sounds appealing to you, then you're not alone.  Our (sold-out) Modern Farmouse home collection at The Farm was so popular that we've decided to design another collection for our newest community, Cumbre Vista!  What's not to love about this family-friendly, cozy look?  Here are some of our favorite signature style elements that are commonly associated with Modern Farmhouse style.



As was common on original farm houses, board and batten siding elements are signature to this architectural style.  You'll also notice the traditional, gable roof lines.  Strong, contrasting color combinations, as well as statement door colors are also popular for modern farm styles.  One of our favorite elements is the barn-style lighting, which adorns all of our new modern farmhouse elevations.




Moving indoors, Modern Farmhouse Style is decidedly comfortable, yet refined.  It may feel similar to cottage, rustic and country aesthetics, but Modern Farmhouse is particularly thoughtfully-edited and favors clean lines.  As is the case with farm-style exterior color schemes, you'll notice a color palates with strong contrasting tones, like charcoal and bright white, with pops of color via well-worn textiles on rugs and pillows.  Shiplap, dutch doors, and style-specific light fixtures are all popular for this style, as well.  We love the integration of rustic furniture pieces and decorative elements, made from materials like reclaimed wood. 


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