Tips & Tricks for Smart Space Planning

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

When it's time to turn your new house into a home, you'll inevitably start to think about furnishings.  What size furniture will fit?  What arrangement will flow well?  How can I create focal points?  A to-scale space plan can help you answer all of these questions.  It's a fundamental part of the interior design process that can save you time and money; however, many people skip over it.  It's like having a roadmap to a smartly designed room.  Here are our favorite tools, resources, tips and tricks to aid you in creating your own space plan.



Seeing the way furniture is laid out in a real home, in real life is an ideal place to start.  You'll have a better appreciation for the scale of each item and the way each room flows if you can see it in person.  (Our model homes are a great way to make this happen!)   From there, the next best option is Pinterest.  A quick search for "furniture layout" will yield thousands of ideas, examples and even more rules of thumb.



Once you've gathered inspiration and ideas, create a space plan.  Each floor plan in our complete collection of ready-to-build homes has an interactive feature, which allows you to lay up furniture to scale.  You can take measurements of your existing furnishings and adjust the pieces on the plan, so you'll know exactly what will fit and where.  It's the next best thing to having a pro designer do it for you.



When you're wondering "what size rug should we use?" or "what size dining table will fit?" have no fear.  Decades (if no centuries) of interior design projects have solidified some rules of thumb for the industry that ensure a smart flow and feel.  Click on the photos below to view a variety of design rules.



The last step: put your plan into action.  We recommend using painter's tape to mark the outline of furniture you're considering on the floor; it will help visualize the size and spacing of each piece.  Then, start moving things around!  Don't be weary if every piece doesn't fit perfectly right away.  Space planning is similar to a puzzle.  If something doesn't fit quite right, try it in another spot.  

Have fun and good luck!