Pro Design Tips: Trends To Try

We shared our predictions for top Design Trends of 2017 with you back in December, but not every trend is worth diving in head first for.  These trends, however, are.  From ways to add pops of color and pattern, to new takes on classic fabrics; here are five trends worth trying.

Colored Cabinets

Cabinets are popping up in every shade of gray, blue and more.  If you're not prepared to take the leap in your kitchen, liven up a bathroom or laundry room with a colorful hue.   


Mixed Metals

As we shared with you in our 2017 Design Trends post, mixing metal finishes is not only "ok," it's encouraged.  Brass, chrome, nickel, bronze, and more.  They're all part of one big happy family now.... but don't go too wild.  Limiting each room to three or fewer finishes will help maintain a cohesive feel.



Woods, woven textures and natural fiber fabrics lend a super cozy feel to any room.  You don't have to purchase a new bedroom set in raw wood to embrace the trend - a vase of dried floral stems, a rustic basket, or a shaggy wool throw will do the trick.



Thanks to new high-performance velvet, linen, and silk fabrics, you don't have to shy away from using them in real-life, family-friendly settings.  Try velvet on a sofa for a super luxe feel or silk drapery to add a little "glam."  The options are endless.



Patterned tiles are nothing new, but they're sure making a strong comeback.  From geometric marble prints, to ceramic floral designs - there's a pattern for every use.  For a budget friendly option, try using a mosaic in a small space or create a pattern from less expensive options like a 6" x 6" ceramic field tile.  Come see the latest and greatest options at our Design Studio!