Our Most Popular Design Studio Selections

Our team in the Design Studio works hard to stay ahead on top of the latest and greatest in tile, cabinetry, colors and more to bring our homebuyers the best. Some trends and go quickly, others stay long enough to become a “classic” choice. What gives a trend staying power? Popularity. This made us take a closer look: what are our homebuyers’ favorites? Here’s the scoop.


On what types of finishes and selections are new home buyers splurging?  Saving? 

Hardwood throughout the main level continues to be a popular choice; now we’re seeing more homebuyers continue the hardwood into their master bedroom and on the stairs. We’re also seeing a trend towards floating and flat-panel cabinetry. Our charcoal stain has become quite popular. Even if buyers aren’t home chefs, they splurge on the kitchen - specialty appliances are a worthy place to spend a little extra.

What color palates are most popular?  

We’re still seeing a lot of gray, but there is more and more taupe mixed in. Lately, we’ve started to notice a shift back towards brown tones, too. It’s a full-spectrum of neutral colors.


Are you noticing trends with new homebuyer selections for tile?  How about other flooring materials?    

Our vinyl plank flooring has really been popular with homebuyers that want a low-maintenance option. Large-format and marble-look tile continue to be popular for master bathrooms, in particular. It’s not uncommon for buyers to splurge on the kitchen and master bathroom, while keeping secondary bathrooms standard. It doesn’t hurt that our standard options are so lovely!


Mid Century Modern and Farmhouse architectural styles continue to gain momentum.  Do you see these styles reflected in their interior selections? 

We do! Our buyers that select Mid Century Modern and Farmhouse elevations tend to want to honor the architectural style on the interior of the home. We’re seeing Farmhouse interpreted in so many new and fun ways - most recently “Industrial Farmhouse.” Our Cottage- and Craftsman-style homebuyers tend to be more traditional with interior selections and not as concerned about matching the exterior style of the home since those styles are a bit more flexible.



Are there national trends that Colorado homebuyers gravitate towards or away from? 

It’s still all about shiplap and subway tile - even if homebuyers tackle these trends as DIY projects after closing. Matte black hardware is a winner and quite popular. We’re surprised we haven’t had more buyers select brass-tone finishes; perhaps that’s too trendy for our Colorado style.

Where are buyers looking for inspiration? 

The same places we go: Pinterest and Houzz!