Quick Guide: Window Coverings

Feel like your room is missing something?  It's not uncommon for window coverings to be overlooked or ignored, but they add a much needed aesthetic layer, in addition to light filtration and privacy, to any room.  In short - no space is complete without window coverings!  There are smart options for every application and space; here's our quick guide to ensure you end up with a room that feels finished and functional from every angle.

drapery 1.jpg
drapery 2.jpg


Drapery is a go-to for a many window applications because it softens the walls, adds texture and frames the windows while offering light filtration and privacy.  There are a variety or drapery styles, from traditional and layered to modern and simple.  We love flat-panel tabbed-back drapery panels for a simple and modern look.  Hang hardware halfway between the top of the window frame and the ceiling to create a look of added height and outside of the window frame for added width.  Panels should just barely grace the floor.  If you need privacy during the daytime, but want to let light through, try layering heavier panels with sheers underneath.  Here's a quick reference guide to the pleat styles available.  

roman 1.jpg
roman 2.jpg


For windows that cannot accommodate drapery panels (typically smaller/shorter windows), roman shades are a stylish option.  They offer many of the same benefits that drapery does: soft texture, light filtration and privacy.  And like drapery, roman shades can be customized with nearly any fabric you can imagine.  Choose from a variety of roman shade styles - tailored, pleated or relaxed - to align with any room style, and consider options that drop from the top if you require privacy while still allowing natural light to fill your space.

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A great option for both modern applications and super-practical ones, roller shades offer the full spectrum of privacy and light filtration without a lot of fuss.  Solar shades, made with specialty materials, offer glare reduction and UV protection - perfect for any room where you'll be watching tv.  As is the case with roman shades, keep in mind that roller shades are an all-or-nothing option in terms of privacy and light filtration.  If you'd like to hide the mechanisms or hardware at the top of your roller shades, add a simple fabric valance.

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A classic, timeless option for any window in any room.  They're very durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.   Shutters offer great light filtration but not "blackout."  Depending on the shutter style and installation (inside or outside of the window casing), you may find that shutters block too much light during the day unless you open them entirely.  As for privacy, they're ideal any time and in any room.     



Wood (and faux wood) blinds are a great economical window covering option.  They work best for smaller windows and look sharp in kitchens, bathrooms and secondary bedrooms. Similarly to shutters, they're easy to install and wipe clean, offer nearly full light opacity and easy-to-adjust privacy.  If you'd like to hide the mechanisms or hardware at the top of your wood blinds, add a simple fabric valance.