Summer Design Trends

At the start of each year, we compile a list of design trends we expect to see take flight. Now that we’re more than halfway through 2019, we thought it would be fun to see which trends have really gained traction. Spaces with bold patterns, high contrast themes, and natural elements are at the forefront of the year’s best interiors. We love the push for clean lines, mixed materials, and real-life-comforts. Bright colors seem to have taken a back seat… for now. We wouldn’t be surprised if they “pop” back into vogue in 2020! Happy designing!

Bold Backsplashes

Pretty, shapely patterns can turn up the heat. We love geometric patterns, which lend a transitional modern vibe to any kitchen or bathroom. Shades of charcoal may be easiest to work with, but if you have a bright color you love, don’t hold back!

Earthly Elements

Hardwood floors are here to stay. We love a mix of woods in furnishings, too, layered with natural fiber rugs and lush green plants. Bringing elements of the outdoors inside make for a comfortable, relaxed and family-friendly space.

Bold Bathrooms

We’ve always loved doses of dark - it’s unexpected and striking in any application. An easy way to embrace this trend is with textiles (pillows or curtains, for example) or paint. If you’re ready to “go big,” commit to bold cabinetry or countertops.

Dark Countertops

Finally, a counterpoint in countertops. We have long-loved the marble-esque quartz options and light granite slabs, but dark tones are making a strong comeback. Black granite and deep shades of gray quartz offer timeless style and add depth to any kitchen or bath.