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Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

As if building a new home wasn't exciting enough, the opportunity for our homebuyers to personalize every inch in our Design Studio is like the cherry on top.  We have thousands of options to choose from and a team of professional designers to guide every homebuyer through the selection process.    

If this sounds like a dream come true, it is!  But it can also yield many questions, like: How does the process work?  What options are really available?  And, can I afford the look I want?  That's why we invite our prospective homebuyers in for a Design Studio Preview before they even sign on the dotted line.  


A Design Studio Preview is the perfect opportunity to meet our design team, learn about our included features, see the plethora of options we have to offer and even begin to estimate the cost of the upgrades you're considering.  You won't walk away with everything selected and priced, but you'll have a good idea of where you're headed. Plan on spending about 45 minutes to an hour with your designer.


Our designers love it when homebuyers come in with a floor plan in mind and a list of questions they're hoping to address.  If you have Pinterest or Houzz boards, they can help your designer show you the most relevant options.  Lastly, consider leaving the kids with a sitter (and refrain from inviting the inlaws/friends) so you can really focus your time and get down to business.  


Once you've completed your Design Studio Preview, you'll return to the care of our Sales Team.  They can help answer any additional questions you have before signing a contract to purchase with us.  And once you're under contract, you'll return to the Design Studio for a complete Color Selection.  

Questions?  Ready to get started?  Contact our Sales Team.  We look forward to serving you!