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Copyright Keller Homes Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes Inc.


Shortly after you've decided to build a new home with us, we'll invite you to our award-winning Design Studio for a truly special experience: a Color Selection with our skilled Design Team.  It may seem overwhelming, but our Designers will guide you effortlessly through the selection of every finish for your new home - from carpet to countertops, exterior colors to plumbing fixtures.  The end result?  A beautiful home, uniquely yours.  Here's what you can expect from, how to prepare for and what comes after your New Home Color Selection.



If you have started stockpiling images of spaces you love on Pinterest or Houzz (or cutting out magazine pages!), feel free to share your boards and ideabooks with us!  Our team loves helping you turn your dream into reality.  Even if you're not sure what you like about an image, or can't see the common thread among a multitude of photos, not to worry.  We can help you connect the dots and find finishes that suit the bill. 

On the other hand, if you don't have a Pinterest account (and don't intend to get one), it's no problem.  Our Designers know what questions to ask to guide you through the selection process and draw out your personal aesthetic regardless.  



While our process is efficient and organized, you won't feel rushed in your decisions.  Please plan on spending a few hours at your first appointment with us and don't be surprised if you come back for one or even two more appointments to finalize your selections.  We have a playroom for the kiddos, but we find many buyers decide to get a babysitter for the time they're with us so they can give the experience their full, undivided attention.  

Our Designers are true professionals - they are experts in our wide variety of offerings from appliances to door hardware.  They will help you make selections that suit your lifestyle, not just your style preferences.  For example, if you want carpet but have two dogs that drag dirt in, they'll help you find a style that best repels (or hides!) messes and is easy to clean.

Once you've finalized your selections, our Designers will prepare your paperwork for "sign-off."  You'll come in for one more meeting to review this paperwork, your selections, and give it all your seal of approval.  



After sign-off, it's important to know that you will not be allowed to make any additional changes to your selections.  This ensures we can keep your new home on-schedule and on-budget.  Here's the really exciting part: after sign off, we'll start construction on your new home!  If you thought selecting your finishes was fun, just wait until you see them all coming together in real-time.  


Questions?  Ready to get started?  Contact our Sales Team.  We look forward to serving you!