Colorado-Friendly Shrubs, Flowers & Trees

Within the four borders of Colorado are four USDA Plant Hardiness Zones (4-8), which explains why our landscape and climate are so beautiful and diverse.  It also explains why planting (and maintaining) shrubs, flowers and trees can be so challenging here.  We sought expert advice on the topic to compile a "short list" of Colorado-friendly favorites.

Fernbush,    Source

Fernbush, Source

Lodense Privet,    Source

Lodense Privet, Source


We love shrubs like the hearty Fernbush, which boasts a long blooming calendar and looks evergreen all winter long.  It is even a "low-water" variety, which will continue to thrive through summer's driest days.  The Lodense Privet is a twiggy bush that grows to about 2-4' in diameter.  It can be trimmed to suit and it's green foliage turns yellow in fall.  For many more varieties (flowering, evergreen, deciduous), click here.  

Stemless Primrose,    Source

Stemless Primrose, Source

Creeping Phlox,    Source

Creeping Phlox, Source

Blue Salvia,    Source

Blue Salvia, Source


Colorado's high country boasts an incredible variety of wildflowers; it's no surprise that lower elevations are a welcoming environment for a multitude of blooms, as well.  We love a floral menagerie of colors, heights and densities.   Stemless Primrose is medium-sized and delicate, Creeping Phlox is low, dense and playful, and Blue Salvia grows tall and hardy.  The three varieties create a lovely Colorado bouquet!  For more flower varieties that do well in Colorado, click here.

Western Redbud,    Source

Western Redbud, Source

Baby Blue Spruce,    Source

Baby Blue Spruce, Source


We love integrating both blooming and evergreen trees into our landscaping plans.  The Western Redbud is a welcome change from trees with white flowers, which are plentiful in our region; it even delights with a golden hue as it changes in the fall.  It can grow to 20' tall and nearly as wide.  The Baby Blue Spruce (typically in dwarf form as a mature standard one can grow to 100' tall) thrives in cold areas and requires little to no maintenance.  It's near-perfect symmetry (and predictable growing pattern) makes it a perfect choice for borders and privacy.  For more trees that do well in Colorado, click here.


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