4 Reasons to Love Master Planned Communities

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes, Inc.

We may seem a little biased, considering we've been building in master planned communities for over thirty years.  But they really are great.  A thoughtfully-planned community not only looks great and boasts amenities, it also facilitates a strong sense of community and may retain it's value better over time (source).  Here are just a few of the many reasons we love master planned communities.



What's not to love about community centers, pools, walking paths, parks, and playgrounds?  Whether you're 16 or 60, amenities can help you build a healthy, active lifestyle. Each provides a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, too.  Even if "block parties" aren't your thing, knowing your neighbors has been shown to increase neighborhood security (source).  Master planned communities are often large enough to entice shopping and dining retailers to the area, as well.  



Often times, master planned communities include plans for (if not existing) schools.  It's a treat to have award-winning (as is the case for some of ours!) schools within walking distance from home and makes playing an active role in your child's education a little easier.  



Another great perk of thoughtfully planned communities: thoughtfully planned roadways.  Getting to work is quicker and easier when you have a main corridor within minutes of home.  Everyday essentials, like grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, and more often line these thoroughfares, which maximized the efficiency of your day and drive time, too.



Homeowners associations are often responsible for upkeep of shared amenities, landscaping, and community features.  They also likely play a part in reviewing architectural and landscape design plans for each homesite, which creates streetscape continuity.  This cohesive look and curb appeal may help preserve your property value.