Why Buy New, Now

Copyright Keller Homes Inc.

Copyright Keller Homes Inc.

It's in the news almost daily: the housing market across the country is booming.  And Colorado Springs is no different.  A recent report from Realtor.com showed our town remains one of the top ten markets, nationwide (source).  While it's great for our local economy and homeowners alike, it can feel overwhelming to jump in if you're in the market for a new home.  Here's why it's worth taking the plunge now - and why buying new is the smart choice.

Long-term interest rates remain low, but are expected to rise when the Fed meets in either September or December (source).  As is evidenced by the continued rising number of mortgage applications (source), many buyers are trying to lock in low rates while they can.  

A common complaint from market shoppers: inventory continues to remain low (source).  If you're lucky enough to find the right home, it's possible it'll be someone else's "right," too.  The best homes are on the market for a few days, only to be snatched up by someone else - or worse, caught up in a bidding war.  The joy of buying a new home becomes overshadowed by frustration and disappointment.

The solution?  Buy new.  When you build a new home, you get the right home.  (And save yourself the hassle of hunting all over town for a needle in haystack, only to be out-bid by another buyer.)  Work with our skilled and friendly team to choose the perfect homesite.  The perfect floor plan.  And all the beautiful finishes your heart desires.  Put the joy back into home buying.  Build new with us!